Sulanga Energy specialises in renewable energy installations, including wind turbines, solar power and hydro power. Our objective is to employ environmentally friendly, pragmatic and commercially sound methodology to develop low carbon energy solutions using natural resources.

Sulanga meaning "Wind" (in Sinhalese) is an upstream energy company developing low carbon natural resources, primarily wind power and hydro energy. It is Sulanga Energy’s objective to employ environmentally friendly and pragmatic and commercial sound technical solutions in order to design its energy projects through the full life cycle. Sulanga strives to develop innovative concepts in renewable power generation. We pay respect for the environment will take priority over production or expediency.


19 Mar 2009 02:51 Green mobile network for rural Sri Lanka under trial... phone network if an experiment with green energy proves successful — and the results of ... up and running — using solar and wind power in the hope of determining whether it more

17 Mar 2009 20:31 The Maldives, threatened by drowning due to climate change, set to go carbon-neutral How? By investing $1.1 billion over 10 years in from rooftop solar arrays to wind turbines, to a biomass-burning power plant (in the tropical islands’ case, that means coconut husks), according to another today. “Going ... read more